Practice with intent

Train for results

Tremendous growth comes from focused practice and regular critique. We'll help you achieve your goals with an AI backed platform that will auto-catalogue your training. With one click any training session can receive coaching input with fast turnaround. Join our mailing list to stay up to date on the latest.

The Problem

You are serious about your practice, but it's hard to keep track of your training. Each movement has its own cues and nuances. What's more, you need a coach's input to bring out your best, but getting one is inconvenient and expensive. You don't want to deal with gathering video, scrubbing through different sections, trimming, labeling, and finding somebody certified to look at your form.

The Solution

When you film yourself during training, the our AI will categorize and keep track of your movements so you can check every spike, serve, set, and dig (plus more). Any video can be submitted for a coach's review, and soon a coach will leave input by marking up the video and leaving comments. Go from "Record" to "Get Coach's Input" in one click.
Not every player has easy access to a coach. Here, players can get input from coaches without having to deal with the coach selection process. Just select a movement, and expect expedited coaching feedback.
The AI will automatically classify your movements and suggest how to trim clips to make each movement easily accessible and easy to send to a coach. The player is supposed to practice, not learn how to do videography.

Practice Smarter