DiffZero is focused on giving people back their lives after an ACL injury, in both the short and long term. We provide tools, technology, and insights to aid clinicians in making decisions about their patients' rehabilitation journeys.  We recognize that not all clinics are able to provide the same level of care, and not all patients have access to that care for as long as they require. Our goal is to change that, and raise the bar of ACL care given to all patients.

Meet the Team

Suchaaver Chahal - Founder

Suchaaver is a lifelong athlete with an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science B.S. from UC Berkeley. Over an extensive sports and weightlifting career, he's become intimately familiar with the physical therapy process. After tearing his ACL playing soccer, he became acutely aware of the lack of standards around rehabilitation for long term injuries, and has since set out to fix it.

Joraaver Chahal - Founder

Joraaver is an athlete and engineer with a degree in Computer Engineering from UCLA. He discovered an intense passion for high quality human movement, and decided to become a certified personal trainer. Joraaver also tore his ACL playing soccer, and after talking with others who suffered the same injury, decided that today's standard for ACL rehab wasn't enough.

Who's Helping Us

Dr. Pooja Pal
Physical Therapist, DPT

Dr. Julia Muller
Physical Therapist, DPT